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A large area of land that is part, but not all, of a continent
India is a country that is considered part of a subcontinent of Asia and has been independent since 1947.
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Extremely powerful south Asian winds that create huge storms and floods, along with rain.
Most monsoons happen in July and can cause an enormous amount of damage from floods.

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An area of flat and level land.
There are many plateaus in the western United States.
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A very large land made up of ice
The slow moving glaciers created the valleys of the North American continent.
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One of the major religions in India. They worship many gods.
Many believers in Hinduism now live all over the world and are polytheists.
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The rules that govern the Universe.
Dharma is important because it keeps the Universe in order.
external image Aum.png
The unchanging reality of life.
Brahman is a difficult concept to understand and refers to the level of high bliss.
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G-d or g-dlike activities
Different religions believe in different deities. Monotheists believe in G-d as one Deity.
external image Karma-is-the-universal-principle-of-cause-and-effect.png
An action that brings good or bad results.
Being nice to others is good karma and may lead to good things happening to you.
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The cycle of birth, death, and rebirth within several religions, including hinduism and Buddhism
In the belief of samsara, one can be reborn as a human or animal.
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The four collections of ancient Hindu texts written in Sanskrit
All of ancient Hindu writings are found in the Vedas, which are studied by Hindu scholars.
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The religious and ceremonial language of Hinduism and Buddhism.
Ancient Hindu texts are written in Sanskrit and read by Sanskrit experts.
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The unchanging reality of life.
Brahman is defined in Sanskrit as the highest level of reality.
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Hereditary social groups in India.
Indians traditionally segregate themselves into castes, with different rights and obligations in each caste.
external image reinkarnation.jpg
The cycle of birth and rebirth.
Those who believe in reincarnation believe that they will live additional lives based on their actions in this life.
external image buddhist-pilgrimage-28854136.jpg
Travel to a holy place for a religious purpose
Buddhists can make a pilgrimage and travel to places believed as holy because of the teachings of the Budda.
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The religion that follows the teachings of Budda in the search for enlightenment through truth.
Believers in Buddhism meditate daily in order to achieve full release from suffering
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Someone in the Buddhist religion who has reached final enlightenment; the founder of Buddhism
The Buddhist seeks full enlightenment to reach the level of Buddha or pure enlightenment.
Prince Siddhartha
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The son of the Sakya ruler who grew up to become the Budda.
Prince Siddhartha grew up to become the Budda, also known as "the enlightened one" and established a major religion.
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The practice of self discipline and denial
Some religious ascetics live very simple lives with little material wealth.
external image stock-photo-kathmandu-nepal-september-hindu-yogi-holy-man-seeks-alms-on-the-durbar-place-on-september-66438934.jpg
Charity given to the poor.
People give alms to the poor in order that they not suffer hunger.
external image imgbuddhaenlightenment.jpg
An education that causes one to understand basic truths.
The Budda's enlightenment led to the establishment of the basic truths of his religion and led to full Buddahood.
external image Maharas.gif
Buddism's state of perfect happiness.
Nirvana is the highest and greatest state of mind that can be achieved by the believers of Buddism.
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To combine into one unit.
The religion of Hinduism is one aspect that has helped create a unification of the Indian people
Mauryan Empire
external image Mauryan_Empire_Map.gif
A very large area in ancient India ruled by the Mauryan Dynasty.
The Mauryan Empire was the largest empire ever seen in India.
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An official governmental order
The ruler issued an edict regarding his subjects.
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A person in a religious order who keeps separate from much of the world
When I go to Italy, I want to visit a monastery where monks live