The following WebQuest takes you into the world of Ancient Egypt. Answer the following questions.(30 pts)
1. DAILY LIFE IN ANCIENT EGYPT - **Egyptian Life** - Write down 4 things that are different for poor and rich Egyptians.

Poor Egyptians
Rich Egyptians

2. THE SPHINX - **Guardian's Sphinx**
a. Who built the sphinx?
b. How big is it? (Give measurements)
c. The body of a _ with the head of a or , the sphinx has come to symbolize and .

3. RELIGION - **Egyptian Gods -** //People believed in many different Gods in Ancient Egypt. Complete the chart below.//

God of…





4. THE EGYPTIAN CALENDAR - **The Egyptian Calendar**
a. What role did Thoth play?
b. How many days were there in the Egyptian calendar?
c. What month is your birthday? What month would it be on the Egyptian calendar?

5. HIEROGLYPHICS - Online Hieroglyphics Translator
Write both your first and last name below the line in English and above the line in hieroglyphics.

6. THE PHARAOHS OF EGYPT - **Egyptian Kings and Rulers** In one paragraph, summarize the life and story of Cleopatra – the Queen of Egypt.


7. PYRAMIDS - **The Pyramids** - Egyptians built many different types of pyramids. Identify which historic pyramid matches the clue given.

Egypt’s First Pyramid

Egypt’s First “True” Pyramid

Home of the Sphinx

At 481 feet, the Earth’s Largest Pyramid

First Attempt at the Classic Pyramid Shape

8. ROSETTA STONE - **The Rosetta Stone**
a. What was the Rosetta Stone?
b. Where and when was it found?

9. MUMMIFICATION - **Mummification** In one paragraph, summarize one stage of the mummification process.