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A large part of a continent that is cut off or isolated from the rest of it.
India is a subcontinent of Asia.
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A large amount of rain that lasts for a long time.
In the movie "Holes", the lace is all dried up until a monsoon came and the lake will come back.
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A raised piece of land with a flat top.
There is a plateau between the Ghat mountain ranges.
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A really, really big piece of ice.
In Antarctica, glaciers are melting.
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A complex religion that originated from the Aryans.
Hindus believe in samsara.
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The laws and duties of a person.
Part of the dharma of a farmer is to harvest crops.
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The supreme power.
All the other deities revolve around Brahman.
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A Hindu god or form of Brahman.
Vishnu is a deity.
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The amount of good or bad you have done in your life.
If you have good karma, you can be born into a higher social class.
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The cycle of being born, living, dying, and reincarnation.
If you have been reborn, you have completed the cycle of samsara.
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The body of Hindu sacred writings.
The Vedic religion is named after the Vedas.
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The language of the Aryans.
The Vedas were written in Sanskrit.
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Hindu social class.
The Kshatriya caste is one of the four major castes.
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The process of being reborn.
At the end of the samsara cycle, people go through reincarnation.
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A long journey.
Muslims take pilgrimages to mecca.
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A religion focused on peace and non-violence.
The Buddha founded Buddhism.
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The enlightened one; the founder of Buddhism.
Prince Siddhartha became the Buddha.
Prince Siddhartha
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The man who became the Buddha.
Prince Siddhartha's father was King Suddhodana.
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Someone who gives up all worldly pleasures.
Siddhartha became an ascetic.
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Gifts to the poor.
Prince Siddhartha carried a vase for alms.
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The state of gaining spiritual insight and finding the universal truth.
During meditation, the Prince found enlightenment.
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The state of ideal happiness and peace.
If you end all suffering, you can reach nirvana.
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The bringing together of multiple things.
The Mauryans were the first leaders to complete the unification of india.
Mauryan Empire
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An empire lasting from about 322 to 187 B.C.E., during which the Mauryans unified India for the first time.
Ashoka was once a Mauryan ruler.
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Rules that are obeyed like laws.
Ashoka put some of his edicts on pillars in the middle of town.
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Someone who lives in a temple under a vow of poverty and peace.
Most Buddhist monks have their heads shaved.