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nomadatticus nomad.jpg
A nomad is a person who wanders from place to place; doesn't have a permanent home.
In the Paleolithic Age, everyone was a nomad.
Hebrewsatticus hebrews.jpg
Someone who lived in ancient israel.
Jesus was a hebrew.
Torahatticus torah.jpg
The Torah was the holy book of the jews.
The Torah was also called the Hebrew Bible.
Abrahamatticus abraham.jpg
Abraham was the father of the jews.
Abraham introduced monotheism.
Mosesatticus moses.jpg
He led the Exodus from Egypt, retrieved the Ten Commandments, and united Israelites into a single nation devoted to one god.
Moses split the Sea of Reeds.
King Davidatticus king david.jpg
King David made Jerusalem a capital city and brought the Ark of The Covenant there.
David felled the giant Goliath with a slingshot.
Solomon atticus solomon.jpg
Solomon built the First Temple of Jerusalem.
Solomon succeeded King David.
covenantatticus covenant.jpg
A covenant is a promise, agreement, or contract. Abraham's covenant with God was that God would love and protect all of Abraham's descendants if all of Abraham's people devoted themselves to God.
Once, I made a covenant with my friend that if he beat me in a race I would give him a token.
descendantsatticus decendants.gif
People that have the same bloodline.
I am a descendant of my great grandpa.
sacrificeatticus sacrifice.jpg
To give up something of lesser importance to receive something of greater importance.
I can sacrifice my screen (electronic device/game console) time to get ahead on a project.
prophetatticus prophet.jpg
Someone who interprets the intentions of God.
Moses and Muhammad were both prophets.
plagueatticus plague.jpg
A very contagious sickness that spreads quickly and in normally deadly.
In a book I am reading, the author talked about plagues wiping out entire villages.
Exodusatticus exodus.jpg
When the Jews, led by Moses, escaped from slavery and captivity in Egypt and when Moses split the Sea of Reeds.
When my family was celebrating Passover, my grandma read us the story of Moses splitting the sea of reeds during the exodus.
Ten Commandmentsatticus ten commandments.jpg
The two stone tablets God gave Moses with commandments inscribed in them.
One of the ten commandments was to love your neighbor as you would yourself.
Sabbathatticus sabbath.jpg
The holy day that is saved for devotion to god. (Saturday)
People eat hola bread on the Sabbath.
Ark of Covenantatticus ark of covenant.jpg
The chest where the Ten Commandments were kept.
The ark of the covenant was kept in the first temple of Jerusalem.
Christianityatticus christianity.jpg
A religion based on Jesus and Abraham and monotheism.
Christianity is named after Christ.
Jesusatticus jesus.jpg
A man who was believed to be the son of God and the Messiah.
Jesus preached in Galilee after praying in the wild for 40 days.
Messiahatticus messiah.jpg
A savior Jews believe was promised to them by God.
John the Baptis identified Jesus as the messiah.
Gospelsatticus gospels.jpg
The four accounts made on Jesus' life after he died.
The gospels were written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
disciplesatticus dicsiples.jpg
One of the twelve personal followers of Jesus.
Judas was one of Jesus' disciples that betray
A small story with a moral, similar to a fable.
One parable is that of the Good Samaritan.
missionaryatticus missionary.jpeg
Someone who tries to get people to convert to a certain religion.
Paul was a missionary.
Muhammadatticus muhammed.jpeg
The founder of Islam and a prophet.
Muhammad was born in Makkah.
Monotheismatticus monotheism.jpeg
The belief in one God.
All Jews are monotheistic.
Polytheismatticus polytheism.jpeg
The belief in multiple (more than one) gods.
Belief in the Greek gods is polytheism.
Allahatticus allah.jpeg
The Islam name for God.
Muhammad was called to be a prophet, or messenger of Allah.
caliphatticus caliph.jpeg
A spiritual leader of Islam.
Abu Bakr was the first caliph.
Qur'anatticus Qur'an.jpeg
The Islam holy book.
During salat, verses from the Qur'an are recited.
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