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A nomad is a person who will travel from place to place with no stable home.
I am a nomad because i will move from place to place every few years.
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A Hebrew is a person who believes that there is only one god. who does not believe that Jesus was our savior.
I am not a Hebrew I am a Christian, because i believe that Jesus was our savoir.

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The Torah is a scroll that has information about God, its a bible for Hebrews a Hebrew bible.
Brooke Abraham.jpg
He was the key figure in 2 major religions Judaism and Christianity. He was the father of the Jews as some have put it.
Abraham helped many Jews through Egypt thou I have not seen it i have read about it.
MosesBrooke Moses.jpg
He was a religious Leader, He was the one who received the 10 commandments from God.
God had told him to release the Jews.
King David
Brooke King David.jpg
He was the one who went to the new Holy city.
Kind David was a leader and was very religious.
Brookes Solomon.jpg
He was the one who was the son of Kind David and built the first temple.
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It is a holy ritual such as Baptism, holy communion and other things to.
If you were baptized that means you have made a covenant.
Broookes family tree.jpg
Someone that is related to someone who has passed.
I am a descendant of my mothers father.
Brooke sacrifice.jpg
Is when you give something up, or you kill someone or an animal.
Jesus had sacrificed himself for every Christian believer.
Someone who will receive messages from God to tell everyone.
Muhammad was a prophet of his time.
Something that has great pain or irritation.
I had a plague in my foot, it hurt so bad.
The exit from Egypt to the promise land.
The Exodus journey was long.
Ten Commandments
brookes 10 commandments.jpg
The rules we follow to lead us out of sin.
I use the ten commandments in my everyday life.
Is the holy day for all Jewish people, it is usually on a Saturday.
Most of my friends have a holly Sabbath day.
Ark of Covenant
It is a chest containing sacred text of the Ten Commandments.
We do not know where it is now because the Persians took it over.
The religion based on God and his teachings, and how Jesus was the son of God.
There are many different teachings and religions about Christianity.
He was the son of God who taught about God.
Jesus was the leader of Christianity and helped spread it.
Was almost like a God.
He saved all religions..
Are the 4 leaders of Christianity.
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were the gospels.
It was a follower of Jesus.
I am a disciple because i follow Jesus's faith.
A simple story told by Jesus that taught a spiritual lesson.
Many parables are in the Bible.
Someone who went on religion missions
Jesus went on the cross and carried it for us.
A prophet of the Islamic faith.
He would recive messages from the angle Gabriel which Gabriel got them from God.
The belief in one God.
Anyone in the religions of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam is monotheistic.
The belief in more then one God.
I am not polytheism because I only believe in one God.
God to the Islamic faith.
I do not call God Allah.
The civil leader of Muslims.
The caliphs were succeed by Muhammad.
The sacred text of Islam.
It shows what kinds of prayers to do in a Qu'ran.
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