Directions: Choose two of the questions below and post an original response- (you can respond to someone from either class). Make sure that you type your first name and the question number in your post. Then respond to at least two student's comments (so you should have four total posts).
Each post should be AT LEAST 3 sentences long! (You can write more then 3 sentences!)
When you are responding to someone else's comments you should remember to be respectful.
Use words like: I agree because.... or I disagree becuase.... when responding to a classmate.

Chapter Five: If you don’t have the words you need borrow someone else’s.
1. What does Catherine's room reveal about her character?
2. In order to calm David down, Catherine and David sometimes use words and phrases from storybooks. Why doesn’t Catherine’s mom approve? What do you think?
3. Make a prediction about the type of friendship the neighbor and Catherine will have in the future. Defend your prediction.